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Brimstone Training Workshops

Although the Claus process seems straightforward enough on paper, it is a challenging process with complex chemistry, difficult feed streams, and ever-tightening emissions limits. Sulfur recovery units require their operators to deal with a wide array of process equipment and hardware including reaction furnaces, fired heaters, catalytic beds, condensers, and incinerators, all under severe service conditions that lead to challenging maintenance issues. While the remainder of the refining or gas processing facility is engaged in dealing with the comparatively predictable chemistry and behavior of hydrocarbon compounds, sulfur recovery units exist largely outside that world and have their own special chemistry, processing, and equipment needs. Often, the operating and maintenance experience acquired in other process areas often do not apply well (or at all) to sulfur processing units. This results in a constant need to maintain and reinforce training of the sulfur area operating and engineering staff.

Brimstone’s Sulfur Recovery Training Workshops present the basics of sulfur recovery and gas treating and are designed to expand and broaden the practical working knowledge of your plant operators and engineers.

Drawing from the successful format of our highly respected Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Symposia, our goal is to provide your staff with practical information that helps them in their day-to-day efforts to safely and efficiently meet their plant operating goals. We accomplish this by copying the style of our Sulfur Symposia and presenting the course material in a casual, highly interactive manner with lots of Q&A and discussion. Our courses are especially effective in this way because of the extensive, hands-on experience of our excellent instructional staff.  Brimstone offers this training in the form of highly effective two, three and four day, in-house workshop/courses that are tailored to your facility and operation.

Meet the Brimstone Instructors (Click Here)

Meet the Brimstone Instructors

Nearly all of Brimstone’s training instructors have over thirty years in the sulfur processing industry and most have worked as Subject Matter Experts within major Oil and Gas companies. Let’s meet them now: Click Here!

Introducing the Brimstone Instructional Staff

The strength of our training lies in the quality and experience of our instructional staff coupled with a constantly evolving set of comprehensive and customizable training materials. Rather than relying on in-house expertise for its training staff, Brimstone has gone out into the sulfur industry and recruited some of the most respected names in gas treating and sulfur recovery. Elmo Nasato, our lead instructor, heads up an exceptional group consisting of Doug Cicerone, Pierre Crevier, Gordon FinnieGreg Hanlon, Michael HuffmasterAlan Mosher, Jordy Partington, Paul PendergraftLon Stern, and Mike Anderson. Each training workshop will utilize a Brimstone instructor who will share his decades of hands-on process operating and design experience with your staff.

“I would like to thank you for the immense success of a recent training venue that your company provided. Brimstone STS conducted a sulfur recovery unit operations training workshop at our offices this past October. The technical staff that attended were given an increased understanding of sulfur unit operations that has enabled an improved integration with our processes.  The course syllabus catered to general operating knowledge as well as to specific areas of interest.

The caliber of the instructor, Mr. Elmo Nasato, was outstanding. He was able to convey technical expertise as well as answer every question. This training is highly recommended to anyone that requires detailed knowledge of sulfur recovery units.”

Dennis Brunet

Interim Engineering Manager, Cansolv Technologies / Shell Global Solutions

Typical Course Outline - Day #1

Session 1 – Day 1, morning

  • Sulfur Recovery / Claus Process Overview
  • SRU Equipment Overview
  • Reaction Furnace / Wasteheat Boiler

Session 2 – Day 1, afternoon

  • Catalytic Stages and Reheaters
  • Sulfur Condensers
  • Incineration
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • SRU Equipment: Selection and Design Issues

Typical Course Outline - Day #2

  • Session 3 – Day 2, morning
  • Common Tail Gas Treating Processes
  • Tail Gas Unit Design and Operation
  • Session 4 – Day 2, afternoon
  • Startups and Shutdowns

Typical Course Outline - Day #3

Session 5 – Day 3, morning

  • Claus and TGU  Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • Performance Evaluation Testing

Session 6 – Day 3, afternoon

  • Sulfur rundown: sulfur dip legs and sulfur traps
  • Ammonia Destruction
  • Oxygen Enrichment
  • Industrial Gas Supply
  • SRU Interconnections
  • Sulfur Degassing

Typical Course Outline - Day #4

Session 7 – Day 4, morning

  • Amine Plant Operations
  • Sour Water Stripper Operations

Session 8 – Day 4, afternoon

  • General Q&A
  • Summary and Review
  • Key Course Takeaways

Who Will Benefit from Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Training?

These courses are intended for

  • plant operators
  • process and project engineers
  • supervisors and managers
  • plant support staff (instrument, maintenance, laboratory, etc.)

Anyone involved with your amine treating and sulfur recovery processes who attends this training workshop will finish better able and prepared to do their jobs.  Everyone shares the same goal: safe, efficient, and cost effective plant operations

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Training Workshop Objectives

  • Broaden the knowledge and improve the productivity of your staff;
  • Share years of instructor experience with attendees;
  • Equip personnel to make better operating and maintenance decisions;
  • Improve troubleshooting and problem solving skills of your engineering and operating staff.

No more boring “lecture” style classes.  Nearly anyone can deliver a “canned” lecture; we recognize that it is far more productive to engage in interactive discussions with lots of questions and answers about the material. Our experienced instruction staff is more than prepared to provide answers to your toughest sulfur processing questions. Their years of practical, hands-on field experience allows a unique, sensible, no-nonsense approach to training.

The combined experience of our instructors has helped to produce a very high quality set of course materials that forms the basis for all our workshops.  All attendees of the Brimstone Training Workshops receive binders with detailed, customized course materials plus a certificate of completion.

After completing the Brimstone Training Workshop, your staff should be better able to:

  • understand the basics and chemistry of the various sulfur processes;
  • react safely and effectively to operating and mechanical problems;
  • make better choices about the best hardware for the job;
  • troubleshoot plant operating and mechanical problems;
  • make the correct decisions about maintenance issues;

Processes Covered:

  • Sour Water Stripping,
  • Amine Treating,
  • Claus Sulfur Recovery,
  • SuperClaus and EuroClaus,
  • Sub-Dewpoint (CBA, Sulfreen, MCRC),
  • Tail Gas Treating,
  • Incineration

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