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Brimstone Papers – Vail 2012


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12V01 – Morgan, Sulfur Production Note Set



12V02 – Keller, The Aftermath of SO2 Breakthrough



12V03 – Hatcher, SWS Performance With HSS



12V04 – Wissbaum, How Hot is Your Reaction Furnace



12V05 – DeWees, Sulfur Pit Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting



12V07 – McGuffie, Robust SRU WHB Design



12V08 – Clark, Norco SRU Experiences



12V09 – McIntush, Caustic Scrubber Designs for Refinery Fuel Gas



12V10 – Oberbroeckling, Regulatory Update



12V12 – Bagley, Motiva SRU Startups



12V13 – Clark, Reduction Pathways for Claus Tail Gas Reduction Catalysts



12V14 – Stern, ABPG Q&A Session



12V14 – Stern, ABPG Questions and Answers



12V15 – ABPG Asquith, Tech Paper, Lessons Learned



12V16 – Marriott, Sulfur Vapor Pressure CAMEO



12V17 – Kresovsky, SO2 Probe CAMEO



12V18 – Cicerone, Startups & Shutdowns



12V20 – Wissbaum, Getting the Most Out of Your SRU Performance Test