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941LS Liquid Sulfur Analyzer

Safety and environmental concerns require attention to the residual H2S present in Claus-produced liquid sulfur product.
Whether or not sulfur degassing is used in a plant, it may be necessary to monitor the amount of H2S/H2Sx contained in the liquid sulfur to ensure safe shipping, handling, and processing. In conjunction with a major university, Brimstone has developed and now markets an analytical system capable of this measurement. The Brimstone 941-LS Liquid Sulfur Analyzer is a laboratory-based analytical system designed for direct measurement of dissolved H2S and H2Sx in liquid sulfur.

The measurement of H2S in liquid sulfur is complicated somewhat by the fact that it exists in two distinct forms, H2S (dissolved gas) and H2Sx (dissolved polymer), which are in equilibrium with each other and with elemental sulfur (S8). The use of state-of-the-art Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometry allows the resolution of both H2S and H2Sx absorptions giving accurate determinations (±8% of the measured value) for total H2S with a range from 2 to 350 ppmw.  Brimstone also offers set-up and repair services on these systems along with spare parts and Performance Verification (calibration check) ampoule kits.  Because this analytical system is robust and relatively easy to use, we also offer these units on a rental basis for short and medium term projects.


Our newly re-designed system features the newest analyzer from Thermo Scientific, theNicolet iS5 FT-IR spectrometer.  Based on the same analytical platform as the iS10, the iS5 has been redesigned as a smaller, lighter, and less expensive analyzer with all the functionality of its predecessor, the iS10.  The new Nicolet iS5 spectrometer has been tested by ASRL in their Calgary labs and found to be as fully functional and accurate as the older iS10 model.
In addition to the spectrometer upgrade, our newly designed Brimstone sample cell and sulfur sampling pot have been made smaller, lighter, and easier to use.  Our new universal sample cell features better temperature control and is small enough to fit in any of the spectrometers used for this purpose.  This new low voltage system is safer and simpler to operate.  The new sulfur sample pot is smaller and lighter than previous versions and stays warm much longer.  Because it operates on a low voltage system, it can be plugged into a vehicle lighter plug and kept warm during transit to and from the lab while on extended sampling trips.

System Specifications:

Analysis time:    2 minutes

Accuracy:      ±8% of total residual H2S

Calibration Range:    H2Sx = 150 ppmw,   H2S = 200 ppmw,   Total = 350 ppmw

Minimum Detection:   2 ppmw

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