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Since our very first meeting in 1994, Brimstone’s highly successful Vail Sulfur Recovery Symposium has become the premier meeting event for those interested in exchanging information and ideas relating to sulfur recovery.  The Vail Symposium is held every September in beautiful Vail, Colorado.  The focus of our Sulfur Symposia includes new and existing technologies, products, and services for operation of amine, Claus sulfur recovery, and tail gas treating processes.  The Brimstone Vail Sulfur Symposium has proven so popular that the conference has had an attendee waiting list every year since 1999.  This September, we will hold our 22nd Vail Sulfur Recovery Symposium and celebrate more than two decades of sharing valuable information with our industry. As always, the Open Floor Q&A sessions were very popular, prompting great discussions about sulfur recovery and amine treating.  We look forward to hosting the Vienna Sulfur Symposium every year. The three keys to our success continue to be Format, Content, and Attendees.  Although our Symposia have a format based on papers presented by a wide variety of industry and academic experts, the heart of the Brimstone Symposia is the interactive, open exchange of information between attendees, both during the sessions and after hours.  Much of the meeting time is spent in Q&A and discussion of any and all topics related to sulfur processing.  Because the open-floor discussions are never the same, we have many attendees who return year after year. The opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics in front of a room containing 1500+ years of sulfur experience is without equal.  By limiting attendance to a moderate number, we help facilitate open discussion that is sometimes missing in larger conferences.  Our attendees derive from a mix of operating companies, supply companies, and academia.  This provides an excellent balance and creates an ideal atmosphere for sharing technical information and developing (and maintaining) contacts within the sulfur recovery industry.

“Since Brimstone started their Sulfur Symposium in the 90’s, I have been attending nearly all of them each year whether they be held in Vail, Colorado, Banff, Canada or Vienna, Austria. The following are what attract me to this symposium.”

“Compared to all sulfur/gas treating conferences, the Brimstone Sulfur Symposia:

1.   Have the highest quality of technical papers;
2.   Manage to maintain vivid discussions on design and operating issues among the attendees;
3.   Include participation by the most sulfur/gas treating experts and operators alike;
4.   Is the most desired conference to be attended by the industry operators for most updated design information/technology and feasible solutions to their operation issues.”

Thomas Chow

VP Sulfur Technology, Fluor Energy & Chemicals

“Where else can you find years of sulphur plant operating experience compressed into a structured presentation with an open and honest Q&A session involving industry wide experience?  Even with 23 years of sulphur plant experience I learned a huge amount.  In some areas we are up to date but I came away with some areas for improvement and most importantly, some safety lessons too.”

“The discussion was open and informative with good participation from the floor.  Having leading equipment suppliers in the room was very useful; they were able to back up the theoretical discussions with available technology solutions.  A very informative week: if the knowledge gained saves us from one sulphur plant trip or one injury, it’s an incredible value for the money.”

Andy King

Process Leader, ExxonMobil Southampton Refinery

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Brimstone's "Virtual Vail" Sulfur Recovery Symposium Online

This year’s 2021 Brimstone Vail Sulfur Recovery Symposium will be held as an online event again this year due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions.  While we fully expect to be back together live and in person next year, this year’s “Virtual Vail” conference will be similar in format to last year’s: a three-day online meeting held on the afternoons of September 14th – 16th (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). This will be our 28th consecutive year for the Sulfur Recovery Symposium, which in the past has been held in Calgary, Abu Dhabi, and of course, our conference home in beautiful Vail, Colorado.

The Brimstone Vail Sulfur Recovery Symposium covers the latest and most in-depth technical topics related to sulfur recovery and amine treating. Each of the three sessions will last three hours followed by an optional one-hour general Q&A session. Like all our symposia, presentations will focus on sulfur recovery and amine treating. The presentations will be made by members of our vendor and operating companies, and will also include annual technical papers by Alberta Sulfur Research and the Amine Best Practices Group. We will announce our Call for Papers later this week, so keep an eye out for that.
We expect these presentations will be of the same high quality and interest as those our conference has offered for the last 27 years.

The cost for this “Virtual Vail” Sulfur Recovery Symposium will be $400 per person, and registration will be handled through our normal symposium registration process. Registration opens at 08:00 pdt on Wednesday, July 21st. We are limiting this conference to 100 attendees, and as with our regular conferences, “seats” will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees will be expected to identify themselves with their names and company (or group) affiliation and participant contact information (based on registration data) will be shared afterward with attendees. The registration fee will be waived for presenters.

The meeting will use Zoom as our teleconferencing platform, and please recognize that, unlike our regular annual in-person symposium, we will not be able to guarantee confidentiality with respect to the content provided by our speakers or any verbal or written comments and/or questions.  Nevertheless, we expect to see some very informative presentations with some lively Q&A and discussion.

We look forward to returning to our regular in-person conference in Vail, but until then, we hope to see you at this virtual version of the renowned Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Symposium.

Questions?  You can contact us by phoning (909) 597-3249 or e-mailing [email protected].  Further information about Brimstone and our training can be found at the Brimstone web site, located at: