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Brimstone STS Limited is a Colorado-based corporation that offers unique services and products for field testing and evaluation of sulfur-related processes in the refining, gas processing, and chemical industries. The various field testing services available through Brimstone range from onsite analytical testing of individual process gas streams to full process performance evaluations of sulfur processing units.


Brimstone provides analytical testing equipment that allows our clients to conduct their own sulfur testing. Complete Gas Chromatography systems can be custom built for measuring sulfur compounds in process gas streams. Also, the 941 LS Liquid Sulfur Analyzer measures H2S in liquid sulfur product. Finally, custom sampling tools and equipment allow safe and reliable sampling and storage of delicate sulfur-containing process gas and LPG samples.

Testing Services

Brimstone has built a reputation for solving difficult analytical problems and providing solutions to critical engineering and environmental compliance problems. Testing services available through Brimstone range from onsite analytical testing of process gas streams, such as trace sulfur compounds in fuel gas, to full process performance evaluations for amine, Claus sulfur recovery, and tail gas treating units.


Our workshops present the basics of sulfur recovery and gas treating with the goal of providing your operations and engineering staff with practical information that helps them in their efforts to safely and efficiently meet their operating goals. Our highly-interactive courses contain Q&A and discussion with our outstanding instructional staff. Brimstone offers this training in the form of a highly-effective four-day, in-house workshop tailored to your facility and operation.


Our highly successful Vail Sulfur Symposium has become the premier conference for those interested in exchanging ideas relating to sulfur recovery. The focus of the Vail Sulfur Symposium, held every September, includes new and existing technologies, products and services for operation of amine, Claus sulfur recovery, and tail gas treating processes. This fall we host our 27th conference in Vail.

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Covid-19 MapBrimstone is excited to announce its new Online Training Courses

In the past, these week-long courses have been offered in a face-to-face setting, but in acknowledgment of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are now offering these courses online to minimize health risks. This also has the (not insignificant) benefit of reducing the cost of attending.

Presented by Brimstone STS Limited

Each of these courses will be limited to 16 participants in order to emulate the highly interactive format that has made our Sulfur Recovery Symposia so popular. Last month’s successful online conference (Virtual Vail: Year 27) proved that if done well, on-line training can be as effective the in-person equivalent. Our goal is to create an informal, friendly and cooperative setting for teaching and sharing useful information. Based on many years’ experience, we recognize that small class sizes are a tremendously important key to success. These training courses will feature our outstanding Instructional Staff, each ready to share from their decades of hands-on experience.

Each course will consist of five 6-hour days, and the cost will range from $2,200 to $2,400 USD. Printed binders will be mailed beforehand to registered attendees. Please see our website at Brimstone Training for details about these courses, including detailed class agendas. You can register for any of these courses by following the links above.

Brimstone also offers its onsite operations training as on-line courses as well. Give us a call to learn more.

Brimstone’s partners, SRE (Sulfur Recovery Engineering), offers free Webinars on a variety of subjects related to sulfur recovery and amine treating. Their two most recent session topics were Corrosion in Amine Systems and SRU Troubleshooting and Diagnostics. Learn more about these valuable offerings at Sulfur Recovery Engineering.

Questions?  You can contact us by phoning (909) 597-3249 or e-mailing to [email protected].  Further information about Brimstone and our training can be found at the Brimstone web site, located at: