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Brimstone Papers – Vail 2011


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11V01 – Morgan- Sulfur Production Note Set



11V02 – Clark- Fundamentals – Ammonia Destruction in SRU Furnaces



11V04 – Jenkins- Considerations for Refractory Dryouts



11V05 – Clark- Liquid Sulfur Degassing Fundamentals and new Technology



11V06 – Baba- Minimize Sulfur Pit Vent Emissions



11V07 – Hatcher- Fate of NH3 in Refinery Amine Systems



11V08 – Oberbroeckling- Environmental and Safety -w Overpressure Protection



11V10 – Oberbroeckling- Corrosion-Erosion in Sulfur Recovery



11V11 – DHaene- SRU and TGU Startups – Shutdowns



11V12 – Qui- Minimize Sulfur Pit Vent Emission



11V13 – Hatcher- ABPG Solution Monitoring Guidelines-Handouts



11V14 – Martens- WHB Integrity Panel Discussion



11V15 – McIntush- When CO2 is More Hazardous Than H2S -Cameo



11V16 – Daniels- Effect of Heat Stable Salts on Steam Stripping Rate -Cameo



11V17 – Johnson- Sulfur Area Materials of Construction



11V18 – Weinerth- Pumping Liquid Sulfur



11V19 – Stern- ABPG Q-A