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Brimstone On Site Training


In addition to our public “Open Classroom” courses, Brimstone also offers “In-House” onsite training for your plant staff.  These comprehensive courses cover largely the same material as offered in our open classroom courses but are available in two-, three-, and four-day options.  These courses cover sulfur recovery as well as amine treating and sour water stripper topics.  Because this training is specific to a single operating facility, it can be highly customized to fit the your interests and needs.

These courses are intended for plant operators, process and project engineers, plant support staff (instrument, maintenance, laboratory, etc.) and supervisors and managers.  Anyone involved with your sulfur recovery and amine treating units who attends this training course will finish the training better able and prepared to do their jobs.

The combined experience of our uniquely qualified instructor staff has helped to produce a very high-quality set of course materials that forms the basis for all our courses.  All attendees of the Brimstone Training Courses receive binders with detailed, customized course materials plus a certificate of completion for the course.

For more information about our on site training courses, please contact Mike Anderson at [email protected] or +1 (909) 597-3249.

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