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Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals Course

When:                    October 4th– October 8th, 2021

In-Person Cost:   $3,400 USD per attendee

Virtual Cost:        $2,600 USD per attendee

Instructor:            Elmo Nasato

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Brimstone’s Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals Course presents the basics of sulfur recovery and is designed to expand and broaden the practical working knowledge of your plant operators and engineers. Our goal is to provide your staff with practical information that helps them in their day-to-day efforts to safely and efficiently meet their plant operating goals. We accomplish this by copying the style of our Sulfur Symposia and presenting the course material in a casual, highly interactive manner with lots of Q&A and discussion. Our courses are especially effective in this way because of the extensive, hands-on experience of our excellent instructional staff.

For the first time, Brimstone is offering our training courses both as live, in-person classroom sessions and in virtual form via Zoom.


Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals Course Outline

Session 1 – Day 1, morning

  • Introduction
  • Sulfur Recovery / Claus Process Overview
  • SRU Equipment:
  • Thermal Reactor / Wasteheat Boiler

Session 2 – Day 1, afternoon

  • Catalytic Stages and Reheaters
  • Sulfur Condensers
  • Sulfur Rundown Hardware

Session 3 – Day 2, morning

  • Instrumentation and Control
  • SRU Equipment: Selection and Design
  • SRU Operations:
  • Startups and Shutdowns

Session 4 – Day 2, afternoon

  • Ammonia Destruction
  • Oxygen Enrichment
  • Sulfur Degassing, Forming and Storage
  • Claus Unit Utilities and Gas Supply

Session 5 – Day 3, morning

  • Claus Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Plant Optimization
  • Common Tail Gas Treating Processes
  • Tail Gas Unit Design and Operation

Session 6 – Day 3, afternoon

  • TGU Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • Incineration
  • Team Building Exercises

Session 7 – Day 4, morning

  • Gas Treating / Amine Plant Operations

Session 8 – Day 4, afternoon

  • Performance Evaluation Testing
  • Process Simulation With OGT’s ProTreat Simulator
  • Simulation Case Studies

Session 9 – Day 5, morning

  • Sour Water Strippers Operations
  • General Q & A
  • Summary and Review

Brimstone’s Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals course includes a mid-week afternoon session using ProTreat, a powerful sulfur recovery and gas treating simulation software package developed by Optimized Gas Treating.

Who Will Benefit from Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Training?

These courses are intended for

  • plant operators
  • process and project engineers
  • supervisors and managers
  • plant support staff (instrument, maintenance, laboratory, etc.)
  • vendor company sales staff whose products and services relate to sulfur recovery

Anyone involved with your sulfur recovery and tail gas units who attends this training course will finish better able and prepared to do their jobs.  We all share the same goals: safe, efficient, and cost-effective plant operations.

Course Registration:

Please use the registration form at this linked page. Space for the Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals course is limited and seats are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis, so please make sure you register early.

Cost of Course:

The cost for Brimstone’s Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals Course will be $3,400 USD per live classroom attendee or $2,600 per virtual (Zoom) attendee. Payment is due no later than one week prior to the beginning of the course by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or by wire transfer. Registration can be canceled up to ten days prior to the start of the course without penalty. After that deadline, no refunds can be given. Substitutions are allowed at. Payments can be made through Paypal, by credit card or by check. Payment details will be included in the registration invoice.

Request More Information:

If you have any questions or would like additional information about our training courses, please reach out to us!

Brimstone also offers this training in the form of highly effective two, three and four day, in-house courses that are tailored to your facility and operation.

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