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Testimonials from Recent Sulpher Symposium Attendees

Kuppuswamy (KT) Thiyagarajan, Process Engineering Section Head, Gasco

“One can mine a wealth of extremely valuable and relevant information from the Brimstone Sulfur Symposium and picking up just few of the lessons learned/experiences of the attendees is truly worth  a ton of money.  More interaction between attendees meant a lot of transfer of ideas and typical problems solved. The stand-apart items relevant to organizing are the fantastic location (Vail) and the big bell to muster in the herd (read: attendees) to stick to schedule. As the symposium winds up, one gets a feeling of leaving behind one’s colleagues.”

Kees van den Brand, Senior Expert Sulphur Technologies, Shell Global Solutions Amsterdam

“It is this symposium in Vienna I want to highlight, since it is a very valuable experience exchange for our engineers in the sulphur business. The whole crème de la crème in this business is gathered. The presentations are definitely valuable, but can also be seen as the steppingstone for the contacts during the breaks and evening dinners, which do strongly contribute to experience gaining.”

Andy King, Process Leader, ExxonMobil Southampton Refinery

“Where else can you find years of sulphur plant operating experience compressed into a structured presentation with an open and honest Q&A session involving industry wide experience?  Even with 23 years of sulphur plant experience I learned a huge amount.  In some areas we are up to date but I came away with some areas for improvement and most importantly, some safety lessons too.”

“The discussion was open and informative with good participation from the floor.  Having leading equipment suppliers in the room was very useful, they were able to back up the theoretical discussions with available technology solutions.  A very informative week: if the knowledge gained saves us from one sulphur plant trip or one injury, it’s incredible value for the money.”

Thomas Chow, VP Sulfur Technology, Fluor Energy & Chemicals

“Since Brimstone started their Sulfur Symposium in the 90’s, I have been attending nearly all of them each year whether they be held in Vail, Colorado, Banff, Canada or Vienna, Austria. The following are what attract me to this symposium.  Compared to all sulfur/gas treating conferences, the Brimstone Sulfur Symposia:

1.   Have the highest quality of technical papers;
2.   Manage to maintain vivid discussions on design and operating issues among the attendees;.
3.   Include participation by the most sulfur/gas treating experts and operators alike;
4.   Is the most desired conference to be attended by the industry operators for most updated design information/technology and feasible solutions to their operation issues.”