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Brimstone Sulfur Symposium Details – Vail

September 12th through 16th, 2022

Conference registration begins Wednesday, June 15th at 07:30 PDT.

For a number of operating companies, Brimstone uses appointed “Seat Block Coordinators” who approve registrations for attendees from their companies. The June 15th date for registration does not apply to attendees from operating companies. Attendees from operating companies have until Wednesday, July 13th to register. If you work for one of the following companies, please contact your Company Seat Block Coordinator before attempting to register:

The scheduling of live conferences and meetings has been very difficult during the last two years, but we are hopeful that with the continued improvements in the pandemic situation, we will be able to return to our Brimstone Sulfur Symposium home in Vail, Colorado this September and recommence our live, in­person conferences. We’re proud to say that this 2022 meeting will be our 29th straight year. We must express our sincerest gratitude to our loyal friends who stuck with us the last two years and attended the “Virtual Vail” versions of our Sulfur Recovery Symposium. We look forward to seeing everyone in person again this fall. It must be said, however, that it is still possible that public health concerns may force us to modify our plans for an in-person meeting and, as a worst-case, we may be forced to conduct a third virtual symposium instead. We will keep everyone updated about any changes in our plans for the conference, both through e-mails and through our website.


Company Coordinator Location
BP Ron Rozic Whiting Refinery
Chevron Bart Welch Pascagoula Refinery
ExxonMobil Tye Aikens Spring, Texas
Flint Hills Jacob Lundmark Pine Bend Refinery
HFSinclair Vijay Krishnan Dallas
Marathon Stan Holbrook Salt Lake Refinery
Motiva Ron Pitman Houston
Phillips 66 Jason Stavros Bayway Refinery
Shell Ganesh Kidambi Bangalore
Suncor Mark Young Calgary
Valero Vincent Wong San Antonio


The symposium takes the form of organized presentations and panel discussions by industry experts, operating companies, and suppliers of products and services.  In addition to the presentations and panels, each daily session will include one or more open-floor question and answer periods.  These standalone Q&A sessions have proven to be a very important part of the symposium.

In addition to the papers mentioned above, annual presentations covering important subjects such as safety and regulatory issues along with plant startups and shutdowns are given each year. Alberta Sulphur Research Limited, the premier research organization for sulfur processing, presents one or more technical papers each year at the Brimstone Sulfur Symposium. Similarly, the highly respected Amine Best Practices Group provides a technical paper and a dedicated Q&A session.  For a listing of recent presentations, see below. We limit the maximum number of attendees to around 90 registrants. We find that keeping the symposium to a modest size is key to encouraging participation.


Program Schedule


Monday Evening Registration: 7:00pm – 8:30pm (optional)
Tuesday Morning Registration: 7:30am – 8:00am
  Day One Session: 8:00am – 4:30pm
  Evening Mixer: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Wednesday Day Two Session: 8:00am – 4:30pm
  Reception/Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Thursday Day Three Session: 8:30am – 5:00pm
  Evening Mixer: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Friday Day Four Session: 8:30am – 11:30am




Location and Transportation

The symposium will be held at the Sonnenalp Hotel of Vail. The town of Vail is approximately 120 miles west of the Denver International Airport. Two different shuttle van services between the Denver airport and Vail are available: Peak 1 Express at https://www.mountainshuttle.com, phone 855 467 3251, and Epic Mountain Express at https://www.epicmountainexpress.com, phone 970 754 7433. Because there are so many Vail Village restaurants, shops, and services within easy walking distance of the Sonnenalp, many attendees don’t bother with a rental car.


Registration Fee

The symposium registration fee ($1,950.00 USD) covers all symposium materials and lunches. Attendees are responsible for their own hotel accommodations, breakfasts, dinners (except Wednesday evening, which is included) and transportation. The symposium is held in the Sonnenalp Resort Hotel, and discounted room rates (approximately $210 per night, plus taxes and fees) have been arranged for our attendees.  Spouses are always welcome at our conferences, but in order to keep costs under control, we will impose an additional fee for spouses who plan to attend the lunches or the Wednesday dinner. The cost for an additional seat at the three lunches is $85 and the cost for an extra seat at the Wednesday dinner will be $85.

The registration fee will be refunded in full if a cancellation notice is received on or before August 10th. After that date, if you find that you cannot attend but would like to send someone else from your company in your place, just have them register and send us an e-mail (or give us a call) and let us know. Please note that submission of a registration form signifies a commitment to pay the conference registration fee.

In the event that the 2022 Sulfur Symposium must be held again as a virtual meeting, the registration fee will be $500 and anyone who has paid the full conference fee of $1,950 will be refunded the balance.


Sulfur Symposium Technical Advisory Committee

The Brimstone Sulfur Symposium is proud to receive guidance from a committee selected from among the in our industry.  They help shape the format and content of the Symposia.  The current Technical Advisory Committee membership includes:

  • Thomas Chow, Fluor Energy & Chemicals
  • Dennis Koscielnuk, Worley/Comprimo Engineering
  • Rob Marriott, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd
  • Domenica Misale-Lyttle, Industrial Ceramics
  • John Morgan, J.M. Campbell / Petroskills
  • Alan Mosher, Black & Veatch
  • Elmo Nasato, Nasato Consulting
  • Phil Oberbroeckling, Houston Refining
  • Dave Sikorski, HEC Technologies Ltd.
  • Bart Welch, Chevron Products Company


Vail Open Golf Tournament

For several years now, some attendees of the Vail Sulfur Symposium arrive early and enjoy a little R & R in the mountains at one of the many excellent golf courses in the area. Join us on Monday morning for a fun golf event at the Eagle Ranch Golf Club. Foursomes play in a Best Ball format with long drive, closest to the pin, and other contests. There are numerous prizes each year donated by many of our attending vendor companies. Skill levels range from scratch golfers to absolute beginners, so don’t be afraid to come out and give it a try. (Trust us, no matter how bad you are, there will be someone worse.) Spouses are more than welcome. For more details, watch for an e-mail flyer and/or contact our non-Athletic Director, Mike Anderson at (909) 597-3249 or [email protected]. Come join us and have some extracurricular fun!


2021 Vail Presentations Titles

  • “Starting Up SRU’s Remotely”  Marco van Son, Salim Kadiwala, Charlie Zheng, Gerrit Bloemendal, Jan-Willem Hennipman, Ellen Ticheler  (Comprimo)
  • Alberta Sulphur Research (ASRL) Annual Technical Paper: “Ammonium Salt Vapour Pressures: What Conditions Could Lead to Ammonium Salt Deposition?”  R. A. Marriott, M. Madekufamba and K.L. Lesage  (Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. -ASRL)
  • “Performance of JeffTreat Ultra Solvent at the SCOT Unit in Norco Refinery”  Emily Bergeron, Joshua Macmillan and Jason Lowry (Shell Norco Refinery), Jim Critchfield, Ganesh Kidambi and Xiangzhou Li (Shell Products and Technology), Patrick Holub (Huntsman Corporation)
  • “Refractory Enhancements – The Devil is in the Details: A Case History of Improving Thermal Reactor Safety”  Rick Johnson (BP Cherry Point Refinery), Andy Piper and Jeff Proctor (Thorpe Specialty Services)
  • “Startup Foaming Issues in a New Tail Gas Unit”  Sam Copper, Katlyn Thomas, Jesse Contreras, Leonard Nyadong Stephanie Goff, Brian Viceral and Jason Stavros (Phillips 66), Nate Hatcher (Optimized Gas Treating)
  • “Estimation of H2S Evolution in Molten Sulfur Storage and Handling Processes”  Darshan J. Sachde, Steven Fulk,  Carrie Ann Beitler and Kenneth McIntush (Trimeric Corp)
  • “BASF Amine Stabilizer & Nalco Intercept Corrosion Control for Gas Treating Amines”  Matthew Mancuso (CNX Resources-Marcellus), Jesse Santos (BASF), Rodolfo Gonzales (Nalco Water)
  • “High Temperature Sulfidation in the Claus versus Hydrotreating Environments”  C.B. Lavery, R. Sui and R.A. Marriott (Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. – ASRL)
  • “On-the-Run Refinery Main Amine Unit Conversion from 2-aminoethoxyethanol to MDEA-based Ucarsol LE 777 Solvent”  Aristotle Economou, Sean Mollberg, Diego Cristancho and Armin Hassanzedeh (Dow)
  • “Understanding Unpurged Thermocouples in Sulfur Recovery”  Matt Coady (Delta Controls Corporation)
  • “The Impact of Biofuels on Sulphur Recovery”  Inshan Mohammad (Sulfur Recovery Engineering)
  • “Sulfur Production Reference Note Set”  John Morgan (Morgan-Denver LLC) and Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)


2020 Vail Presentations Titles

  • Alberta Sulphur Research (ASRL) Annual Technical Paper: “Update on the High Temperature Sulfidation of Carbon Steel Under Claus WHB Conditions” Robert A. Marriott, Ruohong Sui, Norman I. Dowling, and Christopher B. Lavery, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. (ASRL)
  • “Refractory Design Compatibility Study in SRU Thermal Reactors”  Haytham A. Al-Barrak and Mohammed M. Al-Ayesh, Saudi Aramco;  Andy Piper, Thorpe Specialty Services;  Nick Roussakis, HEC Technologies;  Elmo Nasato, Nasato Consulting Ltd
  • “Preventing or Extinguishing Molten Sulfur Tank and Pit Fires”  Carrie Ann Beitler, Darshan J. Sachde, Darryl Mamrosh, Ken McIntush, Trimeric Corp.
  • “Temperature Measurement Considerations for the Claus Thermal Reactor”  Matt Coady and Ted Keys, Delta Controls Corporation
  • “Hot and Humid Claus –  A New Perspective on Optimizing Claus Reactors”  Michael Huffmaster, Consultant
  • Amine Best Practices Group (ABPG) Annual Technical Paper:  “How Meaningful Are Rules of Thumb for Claus Ammonia Destruction?”  Al Keller, on behalf of the Amine Best Practices Group
  • “SRU Startups and Shutdowns – ‘Hot’ Topics”  Greg Hanlon,  Treating & Sulfur Solutions Inc.
  • “Amine Corrosion Troubleshooting With Acid Gas Enrichment Units”  Inshan Mohammad, and Bob Veroba, Sulfur Recovery Engineering Inc.
  • “Specifying Internals in Sour Water Strippers”  Brad Piggott, Carrie Ann Beitler, Ken McIntush, Trimeric Corporation
  • “Sulphur Recovery with COPE® Oxygen Enrichment Claus and OASE® sulfexx™ Tail Gas Treating”  Jenny Seagraves, ExxonMobil Chemical Company; Jay Haybayeb and Ashraf Abufaris, BASF Middle East; Blake Morell, BASF Corporation; Thomas Chow, Fluor Energy & Chemicals
  • “Sulfur Production Reference Note Set”  John Morgan (Morgan-Denver LLC) and Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)


2019 Vail Presentations Titles

  • “TGTU Trays Versus Packing, an In-Depth Analysis of the Right Approach”  Marco van Son, Salim Kadiwala (Comprimo)
  • “On-Line Replacement of a Below-Grade Steel Sulfur Tank”  Steve Gates (Job Industrial Services) and Larry Baker (HollyFrontier)
  • “Impact of Operational Challenges on SRU Reliability and Capacity Availability: Part One, Normal and Abnormal Situations”  Credante Casilang, Jason Harlan, Andres Novoa, Alan Peters (Shell Oil Products US), William Acevedo, Jim Critchfield, Roger Rangi (Shell Projects & Technology) and Jim Jenkins (Shell Products US)
  • Cameo Presentation: “Molten Sulfur Vent Stream Disposition – Vent Stream Routing, Managing Emissions, and Impact of Process Conditions”  Darshan Sachde, Carrie Ann M. Beitler, Kenneth E. McIntush (Trimeric)
  • Cameo Presentation: “Hybrid Solvent Formulations Tailored for Gas Treating Needs: Total Acid Gas Removal and Selective Sulfur Removal”  John Dowdle, Jason Binz and Nick Shurgott (Dow), Megan Robb (Breitburn Operating)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “The Benefit of Using Titania in Tail Gas Catalysis – Lessons Tail Gas Treatment Can Learn from Claus Unit”  Mark van Hoeke,  Hans Wijnbelt (EuroSupport and Shell Catalysts and Technologies
  • “Key to a Long and Active Life – Effective Activation of Low Temperature Tail Gas Catalyst and Damage Avoidance”  Michael Huffmaster (Consultant), Karl Krueger, Hans Wijnbelt (Shell Catalysts and Technologies)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “The Price of Startup, Shutdown, and Turndown Operations”  G. Simon A. Weiland, Steven M. Fulk, Matthew D. Bailey and Nathan A. Hatcher (Optimized Gas Treating)
  • Cameo Presentation: “Is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Necessary for O2 Enrichment Revamps?”  Natalia S. Chacon, Robert Butts (Shell Oil Products), Marco van Son, Salm Kadwala, Youlei Weng (Comprimo), Sean McGuffie, Michael Porter (Porter McGuffie Inc.)
  • Alberta Sulphur Research (ASRL) Annual Technical Paper:   “Kinetic Studies for CS2 and COS Conversion Across the Claus Catalytic Converters”  Christopher B. Lavery, Mojgan Lotfali-Kazemi, Norman I. Dowling and Robert A. Marriott  (Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.)
  • Cameo Presentation: “Rheometric Properties of Liquid Elemental Sulfur and Modifying Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide”  Mitchell J. Stashick, Gabriel O. Sofekun and Robert A. Marriott (Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.)
  • “Unexpected Operational Issues in TGTU after Trays to Packing Changeout”   Christina Daniels (INEOS Gas/Spec Technology Group)
  • Cameo Presentation: “Delayed Coker System Contributions to Contamination and Fouling in Sour Water Systems”   Sharon Maydak (Pentair Separations)
  • Amine Best Practices Group (ABPG) Annual Technical Paper:  “SRU Wasteheat Steam Generator Tube Guillotine Failure”  Jacob Lundmark (Flint Hills Resources)
  • Sulfur Plant and Tail Gas Unit Startups and Shutdowns” Greg Hanlon (Treating and Sulfur Solutions), Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)
  • “New Year, New Amine – Phillips 66 Sweeny Refinery Amine Changeover”  Dillon Morse and Jason Stavros (Phillips 66)
  • “Amine Best Practices Group  (ABPG) Annual Q&A”  Lon Stern  (Consultant, representing the Amine Best Practices Group)
  • “Sulfur Production Reference Note Set”  John Morgan (John M. Campbell / Petroskills), Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting) and Jay Davis (Chevron)


2018 Vail Presentations Titles

  • “Sulfur Production Reference Note Set”  John Morgan (Morgan-Denver LLC) and Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)
  • “Startup Learnings – A Tale of 30 Years of Startup Experience”  Marco van Son, Dimitri Travlos (Jacobs Canada), Rein van Grinsven, Gerrit Bloemendal, Anne van Warneers, Siebrenn Mellema, and Aernot Henring (Jacobs Nederland BV)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “Tubesheet Protection Systems – Examining Gas Permeability Through Ceramic Fibre Paper” Michael Huffmaster (Consultant), Yuan Yanxiao, Sharon Maydak and Isaac Johnson (Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions), Domenica Misale-Lyttle (Industrial Ceramics Limited), Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)
  • Cameo Presentation“Hurricane Startup and  Shutdown Experiences at the  Motiva Port Arthur Refinery”  Ron Pitman (Motiva Enterprises)
  • “The Chemistry of the Claus Furnace:  Fundamentals Relating to Its Operation and Stability”  Peter D. Clark  (Canadian Sulfur Consulting Limited)
  • Cameo Presentation“High Temperature Sulfidation of Carbon Steel Under Claus Wasteheat Boiler Conditions”  Norman Dowling, R. Sui, Christopher Lavery and Robert Marriott (Alberta Sulphur Research Limited)
  • Cameo Presentation: “Formamide Formation and Control in Primary and Secondary Amine Solutions”  Al Keller  (Al, Chem. E. from Alchemy)
  • “Quench Water pH and NH3 Destruction, “Un-Vailed”  Nathan A. Hatcher, G. Simon A. Weiland, Clayton E. Jones, Steven Fulk, and Matthew D. Bailey (Optimized Gas Treating)
  • “Design Considerations for Natural Draft Ventilation in Molten Sulfur Storage Tanks”  Kenneth E. McIntush, Kevin Fisher, Darshan Sachde, and Carrie Ann M. Beitler (Trimeric Corporation)
  • “Case Study of Corrosion Rates of an Externally-Heated Sulfur Storage Tank”  Brandon Forbes (Controls Southeast Inc. / Ametek)
  • Wasteheat Boiler and Thermal Reactor Replacement  – Systematic Evaluation of Design issues and Solution Development”  Amber Khan, Matthew Kimmel (Shell Deer Park Refinery), Natalia Sifontes, Jim Jenkins (Shell Oil Manufacturing Support & Excellence), Roger Rangi (Shell Projects & Technology), Alan Mosher, Matt Rolfles (Black & Veatch), and Sean McGuffie (Porter McGuffie)
  • AMINE BEST PRACTICES GROUP (ABPG) Annual Technical Paper:  “Case Study:  Importance of Claus Unit Thermal Reactor Burner Flame Monitoring”  Philip Oberbroeckling (LyondellBasell Houston Refinery) and Nick Roussakis and Dave Sikorski (HEC Technologies), representing the Amine Best Practices Group
  • Alberta Sulphur Research (ASRL) Annual Technical Paper:   “Ammonia and Corrosion Rates Within the Claus Plant” Christopher B. Lavery, Norman I. Dowling and Robert A. Marriott  (Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.)
  • Cameo Presentation: “A Study of SRU Tubesheet Corrosion Mechanisms”   Domenica Misale-Lyttle (Industrial Ceramics), Norman Dowling (Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.), and Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)
  • “Topics Within Sulfur Plant and Tail Gas Unit Startups and Shutdowns”  Greg Hanlon (Treating and Sulfur Solutions)
  • “Amine Best Practices Group  (ABPG) Annual Q&A” Lon Stern  (Consultant, representing the Amine Best Practices Group)
  • Annual Close Calls Workshop”  John Morgan (John M. Campbell / Petroskills) and Jay Davis (Chevron)


2017 Vail Presentations Titles

  • “Sulfur Production Reference Note Set”  John Morgan (Morgan-Denver LLC) and Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)
  • “Low Emission Sulfur Plant Startups and Shutdowns – Options and Pitfalls – Part 2” Hank Hudson, Susan Grigson, Kelley LaRue, Daryl Jenson, and Adebola Oyedeji  (Ortloff Engineers)
  • “Burner Replacement With State of the Art Technology to Improve Unit Flexibility and Reliability”  Jonathan Cole and John Wheeler (Shell Oil Products, Convent Refinery), Jim Jenkins (Shell Oil Products US) and Gilbert Medrano (Shell International E&P)
  • “Use of Caustic Scrubbers on Vent Streams from Molten Sulfur Storage and Shipping Equipment”  Kenneth E. McIntush, Darryl L. Mamrosh, Darshan Sachde and Carrie Ann M. Beitler  (Trimeric Corporation)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “Understanding Installation of Steam Tracing for Long-Term Application Success”  Carson Hannah and Thomas Perry (QMax Industries)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “An Assessment of Hydrogen Sulfide Stability in Samples of Aqueous N-methyl Diethanolamine Solutions”  Clare Worley, Allen Day, and Jim Hill  (Dow Chemical)
  • “A Quality Filtration System: Critical for Improving Plant Performance and Operational Economics”  Ron Pitman (Motiva) and Sharon Maydak (Pentair)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “Improved SRU Control with Double Air Demand Configuration”  Matthias Franz  (Pier Enterprises GmbH) and David Haydt and Kurt Webber (Galvanic Applied Sciences)
  • “Sulfur Plant and Tail Gas Unit Startup and Shutdown”  Greg Hanlon (Treating and Sulfur Solutions) and Doug Cicerone (Cicerone & Associates)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “A Demonstration of CFD Analysis Techniques Necessary to Accurately Model Thermal Reactors”  Sean M. McGuffie, Michael Porter, and Anthony DeFilippo  (Porter McGuffie)
  • “Design and Operation of a Robust and Reliable Waste Heat Boiler”  Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting), Marco Van Son (Jacobs Canada), Frank Scheel (Jacobs Netherlands), Thomas Chow, Cliff Lawrence and Sarah Radovich (Fluor), Domenica Misale-Lyttle and David Barrow (Industrial Ceramics Limited), and Mike Huffmaster (Consultant)
  • “Reliability of Boiler Tube Protection Systems – A Case Study: Operation in Air-Based vs Oxygen-Enriched Conditions”  Domenica Misale-Lyttle (Industrial Ceramics Limited), Nick Engelhardt (Valero) and Elmo Nasato (Nasato Consulting)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “New Insights with Rate-Based Claus Waste Heat Boiler Modeling”  Nathan A. Hatcher, Clayton E. Jones, Simon A. Weiland, and Steven M. Fulk  (Optimized Gas Treating)
  • “Improved Ferrule and Tube Design for Prevention of Film Boiling in SRU Waste Heat Boilers”  Clinton J. Schulz (Citgo Corpus Christi Refinery)
  • Cameo Presentation:  “Out of Two Make One – Reduction of Operating Costs at OMV Aderklaa Gas Plant”  Justin Lamar (Black & Veatch) and Andreas Ecklmair (OMV)
  • Amine Best Practices Group (ABPG) Annual Technical Paper:  “PHA Vulnerabilities Discussion”  Jay Davis (Chevron Pascagoula Refinery, representing the Amine Best Practices Group )
  • Alberta Sulphur Research (ASRL) Annual Technical Paper:  “The Effect of Methanol in the First Catalytic Converter”   R.A. Marriott, C.B. Lavery, and N.I. Dowling  (Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.)
  • “Amine Best Practices Group  (ABPG) Annual Q&A”  Lon Stern  (Consultant, representing the Amine Best Practices Group)
  • “Multiple Shutdowns For SRU Plant DP and Reliability Issues”  Andres Novoa (Shell Martinez Refinery), and Natalia Sifontes (Shell International E&P) and Jim Jenkins (Shell Oil Products US)


Pre-2017 Vail Presentations Titles (Click Here)

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