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Recent Symposium Presentations


2014 Vienna Presentations:


“SRU Reference Note Set” – Elmo Nasato  (Consultant)

Deactivation of Claus Activity by Carsul: Can Catalytic Activity be Restored?” –  Peter Clark  (ASRL)

“SRU & TGU  Startups and Shutdowns” – Gordon Finnie (BP) and Elmo Nasato  (Consultant)

“The Use of Porous Media Models and CFD for Sulfur Treating Applications” –  Mike Porter  (Porter McGuffie Inc.)

Predicting Corrosion Rates in Amine and Sour Water Systems” –  Nate Hatcher  (Optimized Gas Treating)

The Influence of Mass Transfer Model Parameters in CO2 and H2S Gas Treating Processes” –  A R J Arendsen  (Virtual Materials Group)

“H2S in Liquid Claus Sulfur – Its Occurrence, Measurement and Removal” –  Kevin Lesage  (ASRL)

“Time and Temperature Effects on Tail Gas Catalyst Performance” –  Mike Huffmaster, Fernando Maldonado  (Criterion)

Effect of Chamber Temperature on Purge Gas Flow Pattern” (Cameo) –  Dave Sikorski (HEC Canada)

“On-Line Removal of Heat Stable Salts in Gas Treating Amine Systems” –  Lorenzo Spagnuolo  (Dow Chemical)

“Refinery Upgrading Project – Amine and Claus Units Revamping”  (Cameo) –  T. Rossetti  (Siirtec Nigi)

Update on the Start-up of the World-Class Sulphur Recovery Facilities at GASCO’s Habshan 5 Integrated Gas Development (IGD)” –  Angela Slavens  (WorleyParsons)

“PANEL DISCUSSION:  Reaction Furnace/Wasteheat Boiler Reliability” –  Dave Sikorski (HEC Canada), Gordon Finnie (BP), Domenica Misale (Industrial Ceramics), and Mike Porter (Porter McGuffie)

“Safety Concerns with Look Boxes and Sulphur Seals – Is there a Better Way?”  (Cameo) Jim Hartman  (CSI)

“Catalytic Combustion: A Potential solution for Processing of Low Quality Acid Gas and Small Scale Sulfur Recovery” –  Peter Clark, ASRL


2013 Vienna Presentations:


“SRU Capacity Expansion Using SO2Clean” –  Jeff Hammerstrom  (Calabrian) and Ron Schendel (Chemical and Refining Tech. Services)

“Ammonium Salt Formation in a Sulfur Recovery Unit” –  Muntazer N. Alawi and Ahmed Z. Attyiah  (Saudi Aramco)

“Understanding Today’s Limiting Factors on Reaction Furnace Linings”Andy Piper  (Thorpe Specialty Services)

“The Nature and Treatment of Sulfur Pit and Sulfur Tank Off Gases” –  Peter Clark   (Alberta Sulphur Research Limited)

“Khursaniyah Gas Plant Experience with Using a Preheat Gun During Sulfur Recovery Unit Dryout”Talal M. Hamoudah  (Saudi Aramco)

“SuperClaus Sulfur Wash in Saudi Aramco UGP” –  Ghannam Al-Ghannam  (Saudi Aramco)

“SRU & TGU  Startup/Shutdown Workshop”Greg Hanlon (Treating & Sulfur Solutions) and Doug Cicerone  (Cicerone and Associates)

“HCN  in Amine Systems: Ingress, Contamination, Prevention and Mitigation”Ralph Weiland, Nate Hatcher, Scott Alvis (Optimized Gas Treating) and Al Keller (Phillips 66)

“Accumulation of Liquid Sulfur in SRU’s” –  Ellen Ticheler, Rien van Grinsven, Anne Warners and Sander Kobussen   (Jacobs Comprimo)

“Performance Monitoring of Claus Catalysts” –  Pierre Crevier  (Axens SA)

“In-Ground versus Above-Ground Sulfur Sealing? An Industry Survey” –  Thomas Willingham  (Controls Southeast Inc.)

“Elastomers for Amine Treating Systems” –  Pat Holub  (Huntsman Corp.)

“SRU  Reaction Furnace / Wasteheat Boiler Reliability Panel Discussion” –  Dave Sikorski (HEC Canada), Steve Croom (Delta Controls), Domenica Misale (Industrial Ceramics), and  Andy Piper (Thorpe Specialty Services)

“CFD  Study of Reaction Furnace Safety Purging” (Cameo Presentation) –  Dave Sikorski  (HEC Canada)

“A History of Claus Catalysts” (Cameo Presentation)Koos Dirkson  (EuroSupport)

“The SMARTSULF System for Sulfur Recovery” (Cameo Presentation) –  Michael P. Heisel (ITS Reaktortechnik), Angela Slavens (WorleyParsons) and Hans Lidman  (Nynas AB)