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Gas Chromatographs

As an alternative to bringing Brimstone STS Limited onsite for testwork, we can provide customized laboratory-based gas chromatographs for analysis of critical components in sulfur process gas streams. Our extensive experience with gas chromatographic analytical systems coupled with knowledge of sulfur treating processes allows development of gas chromatograph and sampling equipment and methods suited to these specific applications.

These gas chromatographs are capable of measurement of bulk components, trace sulfur compounds, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, trace oxygen, and ammonia.

In addition to the gas chromatographs, sampling equipment and calibration systems can be supplied to meet project needs.
[pdfviewer width=”1080px” height=”780px” beta=”true/false”]https://brimstone-sts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Trace-Level-Sulfur-Determination-in-Fuel-Gas-1.pdf[/pdfviewer]Flame Photometric Detection offers sulfur selective measurements of a wide array of components in sulfur laden fuel gas streams.
[pdfviewer width=”1080px” height=”780px” beta=”true/false”]https://brimstone-sts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Sulfur-Gases-in-a-Recovery-Unit.pdf[/pdfviewer]Brimstone’s standard sulfur analytical system works well for many analyses. Utilizing sequence reversal valving, it is ideally suited to give the most reliable, reproducible analyses for a wide variety of process gas streams.
[pdfviewer width=”1080px” height=”780px” beta=”true/false”]https://brimstone-sts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Trace-Level-Sulfur-in-Stack-Effluent.pdf[/pdfviewer]A highly inert column provides an excellent solution to accurate measurements of trace sulfur species in Tail Gas cleanup unit stack effluents.

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