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Day 2 – Process Unit Areas
Claus Sulfur Recovery Unit
Expanded Detail:  Thermal Reactor & WHB
 – Thermal Reactor
       – Burners
       – Refractory (inspection and diagnostics)
       – External shields (“Rain” shields)
       – Temperature monitoring (selection
          and usage
 – Wasteheat Boiler
       – ferrules (inspection and diagnostics,
         selection, and installation)
       – heat recovery / steam kettles
       – blowdown sample valves

Day 4 – Process Unit Areas (cont)
Amine Treating Units
Expanded Detail: Amine Units – Inspection
-Leak point examination and
   sample gathering
–  WFMPT for carbon steel vessels
–  Blister, crack, and UT marginal
    thickness examination
–  HX tube wall inspection
–  HX shell inspection
–  Tray and manway or packing and
    distributor integrity
–  Location and extent of fouling
    (sampling if needed)
–  Rotating equipment testing
–  PSV testing