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Brimstone STS Ltd. today announced a new partnership with Sulfur Recovery Engineering Inc. This collaboration will bring together decades of experience and the latest technology in support of the sulfur recovery and gas treating industry worldwide.

“Our two companies complement each other very well and the result of this collaboration is a larger, stronger organization that can provide an even wider array of services throughout the world,” says Mike Anderson, President at Brimstone.

“We’re excited about the expanded capabilities and access to decades of information and experience our existing clients will gain from our partnership,” says Don Green, Director at Sulfur Recovery Engineering.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Decades of experience
  • Agility – “next plane out” field testing services
  • Improved field analytical ability – accurate analysis of samples in only 5 minutes
  • Full compliment of Amine and Sour Water Stripper services
  • Software and modeling capabilities for all gas treating and sulfur recovery units
  • Expanded Webinar, Onsite, and Public Course training
  • Increased North American and International footprint, including SRE’s new US office
  • Training courses in Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals, Advanced Sulfur Recovery, Amine Treating, and SRU Reliability and Maintenance

Further details of the partnership will be announced at the Brimstone Virtual Vail Symposium, held during the week of September 14th.

About Sulfur Recovery Engineering: Sulfur Recovery Engineering (SRE) is an international engineering field testing and consulting company that helps clients to cut costs, reduce emissions, and optimize the performance of their Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs) and associated upstream process units. SRE has successfully completed hundreds of projects, and is an industry leader in the development and on-site use of state-of-the-art equipment and processes.

SRE has collaborated with Virtual Materials Group (VMG), the developer of Symmetry™, a hydrocarbon simulation package that includes a superior SRU sulfur plant simulation package. SRE uses this program to model all plants that we visit, and it has proven to be a powerful tool for on-site optimization of these process units. Engineering reports can include a tuned Symmetry™ model of the client’s SRU that can be used to manipulate process variables to track operational trends in their plants.

About Brimstone: Brimstone STS Limited is a Colorado-based corporation that offers specialized services and products for field testing and evaluation of sulfur-related processes in the refining, gas processing, and chemical industries.

In addition to field testing services, Brimstone provides expert training that provides your staff with practical information that helps them in their day-to-day efforts to safely and efficiently meet their plant operating goals. We accomplish this by copying the style of our Sulfur Symposia and presenting the course material in a casual, highly interactive manner with lots of Q&A and discussion. Our courses are especially effective in this way because of the extensive, hands-on experience of our excellent instructional staff. Brimstone offers both onsite operations-based training as well as open classroom (public) courses.

Brimstone’s highly successful Vail Sulfur Recovery Symposium has become the premier conference for those interested in sharing ideas relating to sulfur recovery. The Brimstone Vail Sulfur Symposium has been held every September for the last 26 years and covers new and existing technologies along with products and services for the operation of amine, Claus sulfur recovery, and tail gas treating processes.